Avigilon Control Center

Avigilon Control Center (ACC)

Avigilon Control Center (ACC) is the industry’s easiest-to-use video management software, revolutionizing how security professionals manage and interact with high definition video. As a securely distributed network platform with enterprise-class reliability, ACC is able to efficiently capture, manage and store high definition surveillance video while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. ACC comes pre-installed and configured on an HD Video Appliance, Network Video Recorder (NVR) or can work as stand-alone software to meet the needs of any type of installation.

ACC records and manages both video and audio from Avigilon’s line of megapixel cameras - from 1-5 MP and 4-7K (based on horizontal resolution). ACC can seamlessly integrate conventional analog cameras, along with a broad range of third-party ID cameras and encoders. ACC gives you the ability to build a hybrid system with a budget-conscious migration from analog to digital. ACC is powerful and intuitive, with an easy-to-use interface that allows personnel to evaluate and respond to events with minimal training.

High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) Technology

Avigilon Control Center uses our revolutionary High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology, which efficiently compresses and preserves image quality while intelligently managing HD image transmission throughout the Avigilon system - sending only the requested portions of captured images to operator workstations. This technology delivers the best possible image quality while providing immediate savings in the transmission bandwidth and storage, allowing operators to use less powerful workstations and reduce costs. Our HDSM technology leverages leading imaging, hardware, data compression and information technologies to maximise the performance of the Avigilon system.

Integrated Graphic Mapping for System Layout
  • Advanced graphic mapping interface lets operators lay out cameras and servers on an imported map for easy navigation of large surveillance systems.
  • Maps can be layered and nested, allowing easy navigation through satellite maps, mutli-story buildings and very large areas.
HD Recoding and Playback Timeline
  • Advanced timeline interface with unique integrated drag-to-zoom capability provides full control over high definition surveillance video playback, in forward and reverse, at variable speeds - up to 8 times faster than realtime.
  • Rapidly updating playback system allows intuitive jog or shuttle playback to identify key events and subtle changes to the monitoring area.
Bandwidth Management and Remote Viewing
  • Fine-tune camera bandwidth usage to optimize image quality and network bandwidth availability with HDSM.
  • Remotely connect to multiple recorders to view live and recorded surveillance footage over the local area network, through a low bandwidth wide area network connection.
Bookmark and Export HD Surveillance Footage
  • Securely bookmark and export movies or still images in industry-standard formats or in Avigilon loss-less format for third-party forensic work.
  • Exported video can be managed via the Avigilon Control Center Player - a powerful playback application with all the tools required for analyzing and reviewing captured HD surveillance footage.
  • Bookmarked events are indexed to allow rapid searching using user defined metadata.
 Video Search
  • The Intelligent Motion Search feature uses Avigilon self-learning analytics to search through hours of video in seconds, finding the specific activities you’re looking for.
  • Unique sub-region thumbnail searching allows you to rapidly find small changes within HD surveillance, covering large areas.
  • Quickly and accurately navigate through large amounts of recorded high definition video with camera-specific event logs.
  • Search through alarms, point-of-sale transactions, license plates and bookmarks.

Advanced Control Center Features

Alarm Monitoring
  • Offers the creation of complete end-to-end workflows for the monitoring, assignment and acknowledgment of alarms.
  • Can be triggered by any internal system event, as well as external third-party access control and building management system triggers.
POS transaction Engine
  • Link HD surveillance footage (viewed instantly) with transaction data to address compliance requirements and reduce inventory and theft.
  • Exception filtering and reporting allows the triggering of events when transactions match specified criteria.
Acquisition Manager
  • Ensures that all Avigilon cameras, regardless of resolution are always configured to collect the best possible image over a wide range of lighting conditions.
  • Configure multiple independent camera-specific motion-detection zones for a pre - or post-motion-triggered recording.
Simple Camera and Server Installation
  • Unique plug-and-play capabilities for NVRs and cameras automatically identify themselves on the network, without manual configuration or searching - eliminating complex network configuration.
Detailed Management, Monitoring and Reporting of System Status and Security
  • Detailed logs of storage, network and overall system status to ensure the highest possible system uptime for critical applications.
  • Powerful rules engine lets administrators and operators map any camera or system event to an action, such as triggering output alarm relays, for faster identification and improved response times.
  • Programmable email alerts provide rapid remote notification in the event of camera tampering, a system alert, an alarm or a motion event.
Scalable Integration with Legacy Systems
  • Distributed architecture features a .NET-based API that can easily be integrated with other systems, such as access control and building management.
  • Benefit from a new level of HD video surveillance while maintaining a single interface and minimizing training costs.
License Plate Recognition
  • Detects specific regional license plates as they appear in the camera field-of-view to monitor vehicle traffic.
  • Provides a Watch List feature to notify users when specific license plates are detected in the scene.

Analytics Integration

High Definition Analytics

Avigilon Control Center seamlessly integrates with our analytics-enabled HD Bullet camera, HD Dome cameras, HD Pro cameras and our Rialto analytics appliances, providing you with a commercially-proven, powerful analytics and high definition video combination that helps to prevent crime, while providing unmatched levels of identification and delivering positive ROI.

Self-learning Eliminates Manual Calibration

The incorporation of video analytics into surveillance can be the difference between preventing an incident before it happens and dealing with the incident in its aftermath. While other solutions require extensive calibration and human intervention, Avigilon’s combination of self-learning analytics and teach-by-example capabilities leads to significantly lower false alarm rates, faster detection times and higher detection confidence levels. Avigilon video analytics increases the productivity of security personnel, making monitoring more affordable and effective.

Avigilon Control Center Mobile

The Avigilon Control Center Mobile application lets security professionals connect to the Avigilon Control Center software over any IP wireless network using Apple or Android mobile devices, view live and recorded HD surveillance video from any location with a wireless connection and shorten response times even when you’re in the field.

Leveraging Avigilon’s High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology, Avigilon Control Center Mobile is designed to efficiently support high-megapixel images and detail of up to 7K (30 MP) over low-bandwidth connections. Through the Avigilon Control Center Gateway, Avigilon Control Center Mobile can easily connect to an unlimited number of servers and cameras, expanding access to video surveillance data for greater coverage and remote monitoring.

ACC Mobile also offers powerful alarm push-notifications and handling capabilities for real-time event verification. Combined with integrated mobile audio talkdown, ACC Mobile provides a powerful mobile incident response tool to keep people and assets safe anywhere and anytime.

Possible Applications:
  • Business owners
  • Roaming for larger areas such as campuses
  • Detecting specific actions in and around large infrastructure

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