Service Territory


The current service territory map approximates the extent of our wireless coverage area.  You will need to let the RF propagation maps load for a few seconds the bottom right of the map you can zoom in / out of the map with the + -  to get a better idea of coverage. The different shades of green represent signal strengths. The tower symbol is surrounded by a light green (strong signal) and the deeper the color represents a weaker signal in the fringe areas. On the left side is a typical RF Mapping gradient used in the engineered design but a more simplistic single color scale is used on this map.

Keep in mind that trees will kill the signal the further away from the tower you get. In most cases signal is always present above the tree line, so if you are on the fringes of a coverage area a tower may be needed to actually receive a strong signal. Range from a tower depends upon hills, trees / ground clutter, elevation of the tower, and roof height.

Current Coverage Areas

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