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Rural & Urban Internet Services

Clearwave provides FWA (fixed wireless access) residential Internet access service for rural locations (works similarly to cellular (mobile) services except our wireless Internet modems are installed and fixed on the exterior of your home and then cabled to the interior to interface with a standard wi-fi router) as well as a Cable residential internet service for urban addresses.

Although a rural internet customer may be within our Residential service area, there are no guarantees of service availability or speeds as trees or other obstructions can limit our ability to service your home. If you live in a heavily treed area and really want fast rural wireless Internet access, a tower may be required to get above the tree line at an additional cost.

We do not advertise a 25 Mbps speed with the actual speed varying from 1-5 Mbps during prime time hours.


We will sell a service that we aim to deliver 75% of the advertised speed at all times of the day.  Our network is always being monitored and areas in need of bandwidth improvements are identified and acted upon. Major upgrades do take time and we work hard to deliver our clients the bandwidth they need.

Rural Internet Alberta

So, how much bandwidth do you need?

Web pages have become more media rich (more data to download) and file downloads still exist but now we are seeing a huge surge of downloading activity in the form of video streaming in the form of Netflix and YouTube.

We have tested these services and see that every HD video content needs a minimum of 6 Mbps to stream without pauses, and can consume about 2 GB per hour. In comparison, the new 4K Ultra HD will need a minimum of 15 Mbps speed and consume 18 GB per hour. Netflix is unique and will adjust video resolution according tour your available internet speed. Apple TV can be adjusted so you stream and at lower video resolution to conserve usage and speed required.

An HD Stream is ~6 Mbps, and a 4K stream is ~15 Mbps, so you would add up all of the CONCURRENT streams in your home to see how much internet speed you should subscribe to. Speed is important but any service of 50+ Mbps speed will not be fully used until 4K TV becomes more prevalent. The MOST IMPORTANT aspect of your connection is usage - How many GB /month will you consume from streaming? 3 people streaming 2 hours per day will consume between 200 and 500 GB per month.

Service Rates

All residential rural internet services do not require contracts and operate at no less than 75% of advertised speed during all hours.

Rural Services

Installation: $299.95 - No Contract Required, 60 day money back guarantee on installation fee if not satisfied.

Rural services are defined as an area where large wire-line providers (Shaw, Telus) do not supply service or for any rural area, or town of less than 1000 people.

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
RSS6.0 Residential Standard Service 6.0 Mbps 200 $69.95
RPS15.0 Residential Premium Service 15.0 Mbps 350 $79.95
RPS25.0 Residential Premium Service 25.0 Mbps 600 $99.95
RPS50.0* Residential Premium Service 50 Mbps 1000 $129.95
RPS50.0.UL Residential Premium Service 50 Mbps Truly Unlimited Data UL $169.95

*RPS50.0 available in select areas only

Installation: $149.95 - No Contract Required, 30 day money back guarantee on installation fee if not satisfied.

Service for urban areas, deliverable by pre-existing coaxial cable feed into house or apartment.

Service speeds dependant upon overall network load in area. Speeds may be diminished on WI-FI, as a result of placement of cable modem within the premise, WI-FI interference from neighbors, multiple WI-I sources such as extenders or repeaters improperly located and balanced. Poor WI-FI quality is NOT a cancellation reason as we cannot control the amount of external WI-FI sources from your neighbors.

Fine Print:

*1 Service speeds will vary based upon whether you are using WI-FI, or hard wired via ethernet cable to the cable modem, WI-FI interference form neighbors, time of day, placement of the cable modem in the home.

*2 You may use your own compatible DOCSIS2.0/3.0/3.1 cable modem, you may rent *2 one from Clearwave,

*3 You may purchase a cable modem from Clearwave outright at $155.00, or $195.00, depending upon the model.

*4 Installation fee must be pre-paid or paid during time of cable modem delivery.

Code Service Description*1 GB/Month Rate





CAB50 Cable Internet 50 Mbps (30-50D/5U) UL $49.95 $15/month $155
CAB150 Cable Internet 150 Mbps (90-150D/15U) UL $69.95 $15/month $155
CAB300 Cable Internet 300 Mbps (200-300U/20U) UL $79.95 $15/month $155
CAB600 Cable Internet 600 Mbps (500-600D/20U) UL $89.95 $20/month $195

Urban Wireless Services

Installation: $149.95 - No Contract Required, 60 day money back guarantee on installation fee if not satisfied.

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
RPS25.0 Residential Premium 25.0 /12.0 Mbps 600 $64.95
RPS50.0 Residential Premium Service 50.0/25.0 Mbps 750 $74.95
RPS100.0 Residential Premium Service 100.0/50.0 Mbps 1000 $84.95
RPS150.0 Residential Premium Service 150.0/100.0 Mbps 1500 $104.95

Cottage Internet

Installation: $199.95 - No Contract Required, 60 day money back guarantee on installation fee if not satisfied.

Service for recreational properties, suspend-able for winter months.

Code Service Description GB/Month Rate
RCS15.0 Residential Cottage 15.0 /7.0 Mbps 100 $39.95
RCS25.0 Residential Cottage Service 25.0/12.0 Mbps 200 $49.95
RCS50.0 Residential Cottage Service 50.0/12.0 Mbps 400 $59.95

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