Video Surveillance

Clearwave can provide you with the next generation of superior video surveillance products. We do not install CCTV low resolution cameras or equipment bought at BestBuy or London Drugs.  All of our installations provide IP Megapixel cameras from Avigilon because when it really counts you need to be able clearly identify what is in the image. Blobs are useless.

Why Video surveillance?

Loss Prevention

Losses in the retail industry total over $30 billion each year. The majority of shrinkage is due to both employee theft and shoplifting. Multi-megapixel dome cameras have proven themselves to be an excellent tool in fighting shrinkage. The video quality of these cameras dramatically overshadows standard CCTV video camera footage, most noticeably in currency and face identification, a key element in proving employee theft and convicting shoplifters.

Slip and Fall Fraud

According to the National Floor Safety Institute, 3% of slip-and-fall injuries are fraudulent, amounting to nearly $2 billion a year in litigation expenses. A key element to dismissing slip-and-fall fraud is crystal clear video of the incident. Multi-megapixel cameras capture details simply not possible with CCTV cameras, such as items on the floor, floor conditions and individuals involved.

Employee Management

No manager can keep an eye on all employees at all times. Work video surveillance can create a safer and more productive work environment. Megapixel cameras can be used to replace multiple CCTV cameras for employee management applications.


New super high quality imaging sensors can produce HD images from 2 Megapixel to 8, 16, and 29 Megapixels, allowing for fewer cameras to be deployed and managed. With a multi-camera surveillance network security personnel will never be able to fully monitor all of the cameras - so why not have fewer cameras with greater detail? 

Video Analytics assist in recording video by identifying targets of interest and not recording "motion detected events" that waste disk space and by identifying objects of interest quicker and more reliably that human operators.

Avigilon IP Cameras - Bullet, Pro, Multi Sensor, PTZ
o    up to 30 megapixel resolution  (Fewer cameras needed to cover a larger area because the large image size (6K) allows incredible zoom in
o    operational at -40oC
o    RTSP (real time streaming protocol) for smooth video
o    Megapixel Pro , bullet , dome (multi-sensor 3 MP) and PTZ cameras (2 MP)
o    DVR software