Business Telephone Systems

Clearwave offers three types of business phone systems:

a)    Individual analog lines delivered via Cisco ATA Router - RJ11 interface over your internet connection

  • Standard calling features - call waiting, call display, call answer, 3 -way calling
  • choice of long-distance calling plans
  • 911 service
  • "soft phone" software client for your PC, make calls from your PC without the need of a phone (additional monthly fee of $5.95 applies)
  • remote access to voice mail via your email in *.mp3 format

COSTS:     $33.95 / month per line
INSTALLATION:    $100.00

b)   Hosted PBX - no PBX on site, just purchase SIP compatible phones (recommended 1-12 users)

  • Standard PBX features without the initial cost of PBX hardware
  • Extension dialing, conference calls, meeting rooms, call parking
  • Voicemail, calling queues/hunt groups

COSTS:     $33.95 / month per line plus SIP phone hardware
INSTALLATION:    $250.00

c)    On-Premise Digium Switchvox PBX - recommended 15+ users  to max 400 user PBX options (full PBX capabilities)

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  • Best performance,reliability, and control
  • SIP Trunking for 1 to 100 DID (direct inward dial phone numbers)
  • Desktop access to switchboard for call transfers, directories, voicemail
  • Customizable IVR (auto-attendant/receptionist)
  • Call recording and call monitoring
  • Campus environments
  • Unified Communications - synchronize multiple extensions and mobile phones as one extension

COSTS:     BASIC SIP TRUNK:       1-24 lines - $ 33.95 / line
25+ lines - $ 31.95 / line
INSTALLATION:  Contact our sales department for a quote specific to your deployment requirements.