Clearwave Broadband Networks

Clearwave Broadband Networks is an Alberta Capital region ISP and networking services company offering the fastest wireless internet services anywhere in Alberta with substantial data usage limits. Our residential plans have options suitable for just about anyone from 6 Mbps to 50 Mbps of consistently achievable speeds and we offer a faster upload speed than anyone for those customers utilizing cloud based services.

Commercial and Industrial internet solutions of 6 Mbps to 200 Mbps operate at near symmetric bandwidth (where your upload speed equals your download speed) as businesses needing VPN tunnels or utilizing cloud based services need the upload capacity far more than residential based customers.

In addition to our internet service offerings for business/industrial customers we also provide HD IP Video Surveillance and VoIP (SIP Trunking) services.

Clearwave Broadband's mission is to deliver superior rural and urban internet services while continuing to invest in our network. New services like IPTV based Ciper TV will be launched in early/mid 2017 and we are also engineering and designing for service launches in Red Deer, Calgary, and Lethbridge, both for urban and rural coverage.