WiFi Technology

A WiFi wireless system is used to allow mobile and other wireless devices within the home or business. A standard or high-performance wireless router placed in the basement at the electrical panel where all of the communications wiring is typically terminated typically will have limits to its effective range and most likely will not reach the second floor of the home or another corner of the business / shop floor. More power doesn’t mean better performance. Our WiFi networks care designed and balanced to provide effective coverage where you need it most.

Proper placement of the WiFi wireless access points within the home/business is essential to proper and effective performance. Use of wi-fi extenders usually don’t solve problems as they just amplify a noisy signal and re-broadcast it. Proper network architecture should be used with stand-alone WAP (wireless access points) to augment the wi-fi coverage within the premise.

Clearwave utilizes Cambium (soho) and Meraki (enterprise) wireless access points for small, medium , or large scale roam-able wi-fi networks.

Every solution Clearwave provides is engineered to cover the requested area and designed accordingly. We never use WiFi extenders or in-expensive equipment. Our solution will work properly the first time.



Cloud-controlled WAPs (wireless access points) are great for small offices or large homes with wall structures that limit WiFi propagation. The WAP is hard wired back to to the core network so it generates a clean signal and is cloud-controlled to effect proper roaming and hand-off when the mobile device leaves one coverage area and enters another.